We begin by bringing in a celebrity soccer player, to serve as a role model to motivate young Kyle Thomas in his courageous attempt to overcome an impossible challenge.
The opportunity to leverage a leading star athlete for the The Net Effect, makes the story resonate with the soccer-centric audience of the world. That audience, consists of more that 40 million players, parents and supporters in the US and Canada and over 1 billion worldwide.
Our Celebrity Player has an accidental meet up with Kyle following a friendly game in Los Angeles between the USA and Our Players national team. The chance introduction is followed up later, when our player discovers that Kyle's father has been listed as MIA and our player decides he should reach out to young Kyle and provide some unexpected support.
Parents, children and sports advocates embrace stories that demonstrate the impact athletes can have on young lives. It also sheds light on some of the small things athletes do for kids that are never really recognized by the public. Our player keeps his interaction with Kyle a private matter, with no press coverage and no accolades for doing what he thinks he needs to do for a young boy in crisis. A very caring and unselfish choice.


Similar Stories - Life is Beautiful

There are many similarities in the balance and stages of The Net Effect and Life is Beautiful. The bond between a father and son is single most common thread between the two stories. In the case of The Net Effect, the son is handed the burden of saving his father, protecting his mother and bringing back his old coach or overcoming the obstacles introduced by his new coach, in order to save his father.
The father is the protagonist in Life is Beautiful and overcomes extraordinary circumstances to protect his son from the reality of his environment. Where, Kyle (TNE) is caught between reality and the perceived control of his families fate, much like the boy in Life is Beautiful who is playing a game of survival.
In TNE, the father, Eric, is providing heroic support for his comrades when destiny hands him a situation that jeopardizes his opportunity to be a father, ever again. Separated by continents, both father and son do everything in their power to overcome each obstacle stopping them from being a whole family again.

Indie Movie Produced in 1997. Worldwide Box Office: $229,400,000 Worldwide DVD: $196,700,000


Similar Stories - The Sandlot

The innocence of youth with a sports wrapper. Baseball was used to frame the story about a boy overcoming the challenges a child faces in a new environment, where they don't fit in. The common ground (baseball) became the sport that allowed the lead an opportunity to find his place in his new world. This story line resonated with hundreds of thousands of athletes and kids who have lived through a similar experience.
The Sandlot offered a balance of personalities (team) that created a potential connection with the kids of the world by having at least one player, someone they could relate to in the story. Regardless, if they were the short kid that didn't fit in or the super athlete that finds sports to be a natural fit. The Net Effect offers the same opportunity for its audience, with a balance of players and personalities.
In TNE, Kyle's sport (soccer) is the vehicle that both unites and divides the team as Kyle searches for the control he needs to determine his fathers fate. The bond of kinship is nurtured, challenged, and finally realized as the players and coach move toward an impossible task.
The Net Effect preserves the innocence of youth through light moments and humor to ensure that every audience member remains engaged, regardless of age. TNE is not a sports movie, but a family drama, that leverages a sport as a vehicle to help tell the story.

Indie Movie Produced in 1993. Worldwide Box Office: $38,600,000 Worldwide DVD: $232,100,000